Transaction Audit Information

The Transaction Audit Information Log (TAIL) module in Open Cloud MDM is essential for tracking and auditing business transactions. It provides database-driven configuration, logs both external and internal transactions, and supports synchronous or asynchronous logging, ensuring transparent transaction history.

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Database-Driven Configuration: TAIL primarily relies on database-driven configuration options. Users can configure TAIL to log different types of business transactions, including "get," "add," and "update" operations, whether they are successful or failed.
  • Internal Transaction Logging: TAIL has the capability to log both external (business) transactions and their associated internal transactions. Business transactions may consist of multiple sub-transactions executed as part of a larger transaction. TAIL can be configured to log some or all of these internal transactions. When an audit transaction is retrieved, any logged internal transactions are also retrieved, providing a comprehensive view of the transaction history.
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Logging: Transaction audit information can be logged to the database either synchronously as part of the transaction or asynchronously. Synchronous logging ensures that audit information is recorded immediately as part of the ongoing transaction, while asynchronous logging allows for a more flexible and delayed logging process.

Main Features of the TAIL Module:

  • Configuring: Users can configure TAIL to specify which types of transactions should be logged and the level of detail to be captured during the logging process.
  • Logging: TAIL seamlessly logs transactions that have been configured for auditing, including external and internal transactions associated with them. It can also flag specific transactions for logging.
  • Retrieving Transactions: TAIL enables users to retrieve logged audit transactions, including their associated internal transactions if applicable. This retrieval provides a comprehensive view of the transaction history.

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