Data Standardization Framework

The Data Standardization Framework in Open Cloud MDM is a versatile tool for ensuring the quality and consistency of master data. It offers a generic framework for standardizing master data, and here's how it works:

  • High-Quality Data: The primary goal of the Data Standardization Framework is to ensure that the data stored in Open Cloud MDM meets high-quality standards. This means that the data is accurate, reliable, and conforms to predefined standards.
  • Customizable Standardization: You have the flexibility to configure custom standardization implementations for different business objects. This means that you can define specific rules and criteria for standardizing data based on the unique requirements of each business object.
  • Conditional Invocation: Standardization can be invoked conditionally based on rules or preconditions defined in the metadata repository. This means that you can determine when and how standardization should be applied, ensuring that it's applied consistently and efficiently.
  • Standardized Representation: The framework ensures that the data adheres to a defined standardized representation. This standardized format makes it easier to work with the data, perform data analysis, and integrate it with other systems.

The Data Standardization Framework in Open Cloud MDM is a powerful feature that promotes data quality and consistency. It allows for customization, conditional invocation, and the maintenance of standardized data representations, ensuring that your master data is of the highest quality.

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