Point in Time History

The Point in Time History (PIT) feature in Open Cloud MDM enables users to search for and view historical changes made to business objects over time. It serves as an essential tool for tracking and auditing data modifications within the system.

Audit Database:

  • The PIT history is facilitated through the use of an audit or history database, which is essentially a duplicate of the operational database with additional audit attributes.
  • Audit tables in this database are populated with data when transactions are executed, thanks to a default set of triggers.
  • These audit tables specifically store the data that has been added or updated during a transaction, providing a comprehensive record of changes.

Benefits and Functionality:

  • Users can access historical data to understand how business objects appeared at specific points in time.
  • This feature is particularly useful for tracking the evolution of data, such as the state of a category, over different time periods.
  • It offers a valuable audit trail, allowing users to trace the history of data modifications and ensuring data accountability and transparency within the system.

History inquiry date range images

The History Inquiry Date Range Images enables users to retrieve Point in Time (PIT) history for predefined business objects within a specified date range. It serves as a powerful tool for tracking and auditing changes to data over time.

Historical Queries:

  • This feature allows users to perform historical queries to understand how data has changed over a defined period.
  • Historical queries are essential for various purposes, including data auditing, verification of data changes, tracking the date of data modifications, and investigating why certain changes were not propagated as expected.

Key Functionality:

  • Users can specify a date range to retrieve historical data snapshots for predefined business objects.
  • The feature provides a detailed view of changes made to these objects during the specified time frame.
  • It offers valuable insights into the history of data modifications, enabling users to audit, verify, and track data changes effectively.

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