Hub and Dock - Open Cloud MDM

The central goal of our project is to develop the “Hub and Dock - Open Cloud MDM”, an open-source Master Data Management (MDM) system.

This initiative is set to redefine industry standards by leveraging community-driven development and incorporating advanced technologies.

Designed to serve various industries, the Open Cloud MDM aims to offer a unified and effective data management solution, encapsulating the principles of inclusive and forward-thinking technological progress.


    To access the public documentation, simply click on the chapter of your interest in the navigation menu on the left.

    The complete project documentation is available in GitHub and is not publicly accessible or freely available for the following reasons:

    Exclusive Partnership Access

    The core components, known as the 'Hub' and the 'Dock' , are built as a secure and controlled environment. As a result, its availability on GitHub is limited to partners of the Open MDM Standard Alliance. This selective approach is crucial in creating a space dedicated to innovation, ensuring that contributions are in strategic alignment with the broader objectives of the HubDock ecosystem.

    Quality and Collaboration Control

    By managing access, HubDock can uphold a high standard of quality for contributions. It also ensures focused collaboration among a community of users who are genuinely committed to and invested in the ecosystem's success.

    Get full access to the complete documentation and the open-source license:

      About OCMA - Open Cloud MDM Alliance
      OCMA is an innovative collaboration among a diverse array of pioneering companies and customer-focused software vendors. Their collective mission is to establish the 'Hub and Dock Open Industry Standard for Master Data Management (MDM)'.

      About HubDock
      HubDock, as the legal entity representing the ecosystem and maintaining the platform, is integral to OCMA. It leads the essential initiative, 'Hub and Dock Open Cloud MDM'.

      This stakeholder-driven ecosystem liberates businesses from the complexities of traditional business software, offering seamless integration, data consistency, and community-driven innovation to empower companies in the digital age.

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