Common Components Layers

HubDock Cloud MDM incorporates a set of common components that enhance the platform's functionality. These components are not specific to any product or domain, making them versatile for various business needs.

Event Manager

  • Functionality: This component acts like an alert system, triggering actions based on specific conditions in your data. For instance, if a customer retires, it can initiate a process to transfer their holdings into a retirement plan.
  • .NET Integration: Built using .NET's event handling capabilities, ensuring efficient and responsive event management.

External Validations

  • Purpose: These validations check the accuracy of business data. They come with a standard set of rules but can be extended with custom rules to fit specific business needs.
  • Customization: Utilizes .NET's validation frameworks for both standard and custom data validation needs.


  • Function: This component sends out alerts or messages based on certain events, like identifying potential duplicate data entries.
  • .NET Core / .NET 5+ Application: Leverages .NET's messaging services for timely and relevant notifications.

Configuration and Management

  • Usage: Allows you to configure and manage different features of HubDock Cloud MDM, adapting the system to your specific operational requirements.
  • Clustered Environment: Features can be dynamically configured across different server environments, supported by .NET's robust configuration management tools.

Rules of Visibility

  • Data Access Control: Defines who can see and modify specific data, ensuring data privacy and security within your organization.

Performance Tracker

  • Tracking Efficiency: Monitors the time taken for various transactions and operations, helping identify areas for performance improvement.
  • .NET Enhancement: Utilizes .NET's performance tracking tools for accurate and detailed performance logging.

Error Messaging

  • Error Handling: Retrieves and formats error messages based on user locale, improving the clarity and understanding of error notifications.
  • Integration: Uses .NET's globalized error handling mechanisms for consistency and accuracy.


  • Record Keeping: Logs system activities and errors, aiding in troubleshooting and system monitoring.
  • .NET Logging Tools: Implements .NET's logging frameworks for comprehensive and efficient log management.


  • Data Schema Definition: Outlines the structure and relationships of business data, crucial for maintaining data consistency and integrity.

Transaction Audit Information Log

  • Audit Trail: Keeps a detailed record of transactions for auditing and compliance purposes.

Matching and Caching

  • Data Comparison and Speed: Matches incoming data against existing records to identify duplicates and uses caching to enhance system response times.

Persistence and Search

  • Data Management: Handles data storage and retrieval, transitioning from 's pureQuery to .NET's Entity Framework for a more integrated .NET solution.
  • Enhanced Search Capabilities: Includes features for sophisticated search operations within the MDM system.

Standardization and Task Management

  • Data Uniformity: Standardizes various data elements to maintain consistency.
  • Task Coordination: Manages tasks throughout their lifecycle, ensuring efficient workflow within the MDM system.

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