Platform and Core Features (Overview)

HubDock Cloud MDM is a multi-tenancy enterprise cloud application designed to provide businesses with a unified operational view of their customers, accounts, and products. It offers a dynamic environment that adeptly processes and updates data from multiple channels, ensuring comprehensive data management and real-time insights.

At the core of HubDock Cloud MDM is the alignment of front office systems with multiple back office systems. This alignment facilitates real-time data synchronization, providing a single source of truth for master data. Utilizing the cutting-edge capabilities of .NET Core / .NET 5+, HubDock Cloud MDM achieves rapid system integration, delivering unparalleled flexibility and scalability. This modern framework is especially suited for cloud-based applications, offering robust performance and seamless integration with various data formats, including Extensible Markup Language (XML).

HubDock Cloud MDM is versatile, allowing enterprises to use it in its standard configuration or to tailor it through extensive customization. This customization capability is supported by a suite of externalized features that control its operation, ensuring that the application can adapt to the unique needs of different businesses.

A key component of HubDock Cloud MDM is the Workbench, a sophisticated tool designed to facilitate the creation and extension of HubDock Cloud MDM and its associated web-based user interfaces. The Workbench is an invaluable asset for managing and stewarding the information within the system. It provides a comprehensive modeling, code generation, and testing environment, now optimized for the .NET framework. This shift enhances the development process, ensuring that the application is both robust and adaptable to evolving business requirements.

The Workbench is built to support an iterative approach to development, offering full round-tripping support. This approach aligns with agile development methodologies, allowing for continuous refinement and improvement of the application. The integration of .NET Core / .NET 5+ within the Workbench underlines our commitment to using advanced technology to deliver a state-of-the-art Master Data Management solution.

In summary, HubDock Cloud MDM, powered by .NET Core / .NET 5+, represents a leap forward in enterprise data management. Its combination of real-time data integration, flexible customization, and advanced development tools positions it as a leading solution for businesses seeking efficient, scalable, and reliable master data management.

About OCMA - Open Cloud MDM Alliance
OCMA is an innovative collaboration among a diverse array of pioneering companies and customer-focused software vendors. Their collective mission is to establish the 'Hub and Dock Open Industry Standard for Master Data Management (MDM)'.

About HubDock
HubDock, as the legal entity representing the ecosystem and maintaining the platform, is integral to OCMA. It leads the essential initiative, 'Hub and Dock Open Cloud MDM'.

This stakeholder-driven ecosystem liberates businesses from the complexities of traditional business software, offering seamless integration, data consistency, and community-driven innovation to empower companies in the digital age.

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