Message Broker Integration

The Message Broker is a key feature within the DOCK Integration Framework, designed to facilitate the exchange of data between external systems and the MDM operational server. It supports a variety of message types, including XML, HL7 for healthcare systems, and structured text formats like fixed-length and delimited messages.


  • The Inbound Broker processes messages received from source systems, ensuring they are correctly parsed and integrated into the MDM server.
  • The Outbound Broker coordinates the distribution of data from the MDM server back to external systems, maintaining data consistency across the network.
  • The HL7 Query Broker specifically handles the integration with healthcare systems, allowing for real-time data query responses.


  • Provides consistent data integration and synchronization across systems.
  • Accommodates diverse data standards and formats for versatile system communication.
  • Enables efficient data updates and retrieval, especially tailored for healthcare environments.


  • To streamline the flow of data into and out of the MDM system, simplifying integration with external data sources and services.
  • To maintain data accuracy and uniformity across all connected systems.


  • Incoming data is managed by the Inbound Broker, where it's converted into a compatible format for the MDM database.
  • Data updates trigger the Outbound Broker to construct and dispatch custom messages to maintain synchronized data states.
  • The HL7 Query Broker communicates directly with healthcare applications to facilitate immediate data queries and updates, interfacing with the MDM server as needed.

This feature is built to integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures, offering a straightforward approach to data management and connectivity.

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