Aggregated Party View

The "Aggregated Party View" feature plays a vital role in creating a single, trusted record for a party while allowing for the persistence of duplicate party profiles when necessary. Here's a closer look at this feature:

  • Duplicate Party Prevention: Open Cloud MDM provides a set of customizable business rules within the suspect processing feature. These rules are designed to prevent the persistence of duplicate parties in the system. When adding a new party, if an existing party with an exact match is found, the system may use the new party's information to update the existing party instead of creating a new record. This ensures that duplicate parties are not inadvertently added to the system.
  • Persistence of Duplicate Parties: However, some businesses may have specific requirements that necessitate the persistence of duplicate parties. For example, they might want to maintain multiple profiles of the same party based on different lines of business or other criteria. In such cases, these duplicate party profiles should not be automatically merged or collapsed by the system.
  • Viewing Aggregate Data: The "Aggregated Party View" feature addresses this need. It allows businesses to view an aggregate of data across these duplicate party profiles. This view combines data from all duplicates, allowing any conflicting party information to be resolved based on predefined rules of survivorship.
  • Suspect Status: In cases where exact matches are found across different lines of business or other criteria, the system can assign a "suspect status" to indicate that the parties are potential duplicates. The status might be something like "Parties are Duplicates - Collapse Not Permitted," signaling that these profiles should not be automatically collapsed or merged.

The aggregated party view feature provides organizations with the flexibility to manage party data in a way that aligns with their specific business requirements. It ensures data accuracy and consistency while accommodating scenarios where maintaining duplicate party profiles is necessary for different business purposes.

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