External Validators

In the Account domain of Open Cloud MDM, external validators play a crucial role in ensuring data integrity and compliance across various components, such as Contract business entities, Contract Relationships, and Terms and Conditions.

Validators for Contract Business Entities

  • Contract-Related Validators: These validators are crucial for distinguishing the business validations required for managed accounts (fully managed by the Account domain) and referenced accounts (linked to other business entities). They include checks for agreement types, currencies, dates, and mandatory information fields.
  • Product Type Validation: This validator allows for the creation of a ContractComponent object even without an assigned product. This flexibility is essential due to certain field requirements in the Contract entity.
  • Managed Account Validators: These validators are specifically designed for managed accounts, ensuring they are correctly set up and managed within the system.
  • Value Package Validators: Validators unique to value packages, ensuring these bundles of products adhere to their specific terms and conditions.
  • Generic Account Domain Validators: Broad-level validators applied across the Account domain to maintain overall data quality and compliance.

Validators for Contract_Relationship

  • Contract Relationship Check: Validates the active status of a contract in a relationship, ensuring criteria like the execution, termination, and end dates are correctly met for managed accounts.
  • Destination Contract Check: Confirms the active status of the destination contract in a relationship, based on similar criteria as above.
  • Duplicate Relationship Check: Prevents the creation of duplicate contract relationships by ensuring uniqueness in terms of originating and destination contracts and the relationship type.

Validators for Account Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and Conditions Association Validators: These ensure that terms and conditions are appropriately linked to the correct type of business entity, whether for contracts or products.
  • Entity Relationship Name Check: Validates the names of entities involved in terms and conditions, ensuring they meet predefined criteria.
  • Contract Overrides Product Check: Confirms that only terms and conditions associated with a contract can override those linked to a product.
  • Default Locale Data Check: Ensures that incoming data objects do not contain information in the system's default data language, maintaining data consistency.
  • Entity Existence Check: Verifies the existence and correctness of entities linked to terms and conditions.
  • Owner Type Check for Terms and Conditions: Confirms that the owner type of terms and conditions is acceptable for the entity it's associated with.

These external validators in the Account domain of Open Cloud MDM are essential for ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and compliance of data related to contracts, relationships, and terms and conditions. They cater to specific requirements across different components within the domain, playing a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the account management processes.

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