Source Values and Data Decay

The Source Values feature in Open Cloud MDM serves a crucial purpose by providing a standardized approach to store and retrieve information from external sources, even when the attributes of these values don't perfectly align with the Open Cloud MDM structure.

With the Source Values feature, you can not only capture the external source system, application, or user that contributed the value but also track important metadata, including the date of data collection and a history of changes to the source and its associated dates.

This system is versatile, capable of adding, updating, and retrieving various types of information within the physical Open Cloud MDM environment. It can handle details from different sources, such as privacy preferences, campaign data, and more, ensuring transparency and accountability in data management.

The Source Values System seamlessly integrates into multiple function areas within Open Cloud MDM, working with any entity and being a part of specific function transactions. For instance, when modifications are made to privacy preferences or campaigns, the Source Values System becomes an integral component of these transactions.

Moreover, the Source Values System is a mandatory element in specific function areas, including Privacy/Preference and Campaigns. Additionally, it is integrated into seven core entities within the Party Module, encompassing Person, Organization, Person Name, Organization Name, Person Identification, Party Contact Method, and Party Address. This extensive coverage ensures that data from various sources is effectively managed and tracked throughout the Open Cloud MDM ecosystem.

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