Reference Architectures

HubDock Cloud MDM leverages a variety of established reference architectures to provide a comprehensive and robust master data management platform. These include:

  • MITIQ Program Reference Architecture: Serving as a comprehensive framework, this architecture covers all facets of MDM, from data integration and cleansing to governance and process orchestration. HubDock Cloud MDM incorporates the MITIQ Program's principles, focusing on data quality, governance, and process orchestration, to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of master data.
  • DAMA-IM Reference Architecture: As an industry-standard framework, it structures the essential components of an MDM solution and their interrelations. This ensures HubDock Cloud MDM's compatibility with other MDM solutions and methodologies.
  • TOGAF ADM Reference Architecture: This versatile architecture provides a blueprint for enterprise architecture, aiding HubDock Cloud MDM in integrating with existing IT infrastructure and processes for seamless organization-wide data management.
  • OpenMDM Reference Architecture: Focused on data quality and governance, this open-source architecture is integrated into HubDock Cloud MDM to reinforce best practices in data cleansing, matching, and harmonization, ensuring the integrity and consistency of master data.

Incorporating these reference architectures, HubDock Cloud MDM delivers a versatile and scalable platform for managing master data, adhering to industry standards and meeting the diverse needs of organizations.

Key Features Informed by These Reference Architectures

  • Data Quality and Governance: HubDock Cloud MDM includes extensive features for cleansing, matching, and harmonizing master data, coupled with stringent governance rules and policies to uphold data integrity and regulatory compliance.
  • Master Data Governance: Offering a centralized master data repository, it establishes a single source of truth with role-based access and auditing capabilities for enhanced data security and traceability.
  • Process Orchestration: Automating and streamlining master data workflows, HubDock Cloud MDM integrates with business processes for efficient and consistent data management.
  • API/App Integration: With a robust API layer, it facilitates seamless integration with external applications and services, promoting enterprise-wide data sharing and collaboration.
  • Cloud-Based Deployment: HubDock Cloud MDM supports both on-premises and cloud-based deployment, allowing organizations to choose the model that aligns with their infrastructure needs.
  • Open-Source and Modular Design: Its modular design provides flexibility, enabling customization to specific needs and data complexities, and supports integration with various open-source tools and components.
  • Continuous Updates and Enhancements: Regularly updated to accommodate evolving business requirements and data management challenges, HubDock Cloud MDM remains a dynamic and evolving solution.

In summary, HubDock Cloud MDM stands as a potent and comprehensive MDM tool, grounded in a robust framework of reference architectures. It equips organizations with essential tools and capabilities for effective master data management, ensuring data quality, governance, and consistency across the enterprise.

About OCMA - Open Cloud MDM Alliance
OCMA is an innovative collaboration among a diverse array of pioneering companies and customer-focused software vendors. Their collective mission is to establish the 'Hub and Dock Open Industry Standard for Master Data Management (MDM)'.

About HubDock
HubDock, as the legal entity representing the ecosystem and maintaining the platform, is integral to OCMA. It leads the essential initiative, 'Hub and Dock Open Cloud MDM'.

This stakeholder-driven ecosystem liberates businesses from the complexities of traditional business software, offering seamless integration, data consistency, and community-driven innovation to empower companies in the digital age.

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