Locale and Language Customization

The Locale and Language Customization feature in Open Cloud MDM offers extensive support for global implementation. Here's a concise overview:

  • Language and Locale Selection: You can configure Open Cloud MDM to operate in a specific language and locale. This customization affects both application-level messages and operational data.
  • Globalization Support: Open Cloud MDM's globalization support allows for the retrieval of business and system error messages in the chosen language or locale, enhancing user experience and clarity.
  • Code Table Localization: It enables the storage and retrieval of code table (reference) data in a language or locale-specific manner, ensuring that data is presented appropriately to users.
  • Multilingual Product Data: The Product domain extends support for multiple languages. You can maintain product data in various languages, including both hard attributes (physical database tables) and soft attributes (defined within a spec).
  • Deployment Flexibility: Open Cloud MDM can be deployed across different geographies using a single executable codebase. It supports multiple locales simultaneously, allowing for language selection during installation.
  • Unicode Compatibility: Open Cloud MDM uses Unicode, ensuring seamless data flow without loss or corruption, even for languages not listed as supported.

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